For Immediate Release: April 4, 2017

Eopin® Oy Announces Major Update for Languistik® Software – Accelerated Language Learning for Busy People

Today, Eopin Oy, a company specializing in software products for accelerated learning, announced the immediate availability of the latest version of Languistik®. The new version of the software includes additional language support and course material that teaches students to understand, speak, read and write a foreign language and to master vocabulary, expressions and sentences quickly and efficiently. The course material contains hundreds of audio and visual cues to reinforce learning.

The new version expands support for learning English, French, Spanish, Finnish and German with new course material, and adds support for Italian and Swedish as well. Languistik supports a variety of learning strategies including writing exercises, audio and visual reinforcement, and a voice recording function so the student can compare his or her own speech with a the speech of a native speaker. As the student advances, lessons are saved as progressive MP3 audio and MP4 video files for on-the-go learning. “We are very excited about the latest version of Languistik, because the new advanced course material and language support will allow students to learn a new language quickly and effectively,” said Merja Heikkila, Managing Director, Eopin Oy.

Overview of Languistik Features

Languistik courses are available for learning a range of languages including English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German, Swedish and Italian. Lessons will adapt automatically depending on personal progress. Users can learn vocabulary, phrases and sentences at their own pace. Lessons are saved as MP3 audio and MP4 video files for playback on a wide range of devices. Each time a lesson is saved, it updates automatically, adding new material and removing known material. Progress is saved and tracked with a visual indicator, to increase motivation. Users can hear their own recorded voices and compare them with a native speaker’s voice. Languistik includes reading, writing and spelling exercises. Vocabulary includes associated images to enhance memorization. The user interface includes fully customizable options to support individual learning styles. Supports Windows 7 and higher, and Mac OS X 10.10 and higher.

Languistik is available for immediate download at for a price of €99 per course. Free sample courses are also available so users can try out the application.

About Eopin Oy
Eopin Oy is a software company based in Espoo, Finland. Our team of educators and software developers is dedicated helping busy adults to learn new languages quickly.

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