A New Way to Learn a Language…

Languistik® is a new method that enables you to quickly learn a foreign language* and to experience the joy and empowerment of communicating with people internationally. You’ll be able to understand and speak to friends and business partners about a wide range of topics, and to enjoy daily activities such as working, shopping, dining in a restaurant, or simply chatting with local people you meet while you are travelling.
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*Languistik supports a wide range of languages.
Master a new language

Master a New Language

Languistik is language-learning software that will help you to master vocabulary, expressions and sentences quickly and efficiently. Languistik creates learning content that adapts automatically depending on your personal progress. It excludes content that you already know, and reinforces material that needs extra focus. You can even customise the speed of playback and number of repetitions to suit your learning style. You can use Languistik by itself, or in combination with other methods such as language-learning classes or self-study.

Learn a new language quickly


Learn on the Go

Save your lessons as personalised MP3 audio and MP4 video files for on-the-go learning and rapid progress. Each time you save, new learning content is added and material that you already know is automatically removed using patent pending QuickLinguist® technology. Practice your lessons using your smartphone, tablet or portable media player. You will quickly memorise, recall and use the new language in real world situations.

Learn a new language quickly


Designed for Dedicated Learners

Mastering a new language is challenging, and requires dedication, focus and memorisation. You want to be sure that your hard work pays off. Languistik is designed for people who are highly motivated to learn a new language for professional or personal reasons.

Learn a new language quickly


Learn a New Language Quickly

Busy people are often frustrated because so much time is spent in situations where they are not able to be mentally productive. Do you commute to work every day? Do you travel by train, bus car? Do you go to the fitness studio and spend time on a treadmill, or do you go for a walk every day to keep fit? Why not put that time to good use? Use Languistik to learn wherever you are – in your car, at the fitness studio, walking your dog.

With Languistik you will be amazed by how quickly you will learn to understand, speak, read and write in a new language.


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