About Us

Eopin Oy is a team of people who are passionate about learning and international culture. Our first product is computer assisted language learning software. The software includes patent pending adaptive learning technology to accelerate mastery of vocabulary and sentences in the target language.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help busy adults to learn new languages quickly by offering course material that automatically adapts as the user progresses, and that can be used on-the-go.

Our Team

We are accredited teachers, software developers and business managers with years of practical experience. We have built and operated successful international business ventures. We have taught and learned multiple languages. We have created best-selling multimedia software products.

Company Details

  • Company Name:  Eopin Oy
  • Business ID: 2618764-3 (FI26187643)
  • Country of Registration: Finland
  • Address:
    • Eopin Oy
    • PL 71
    • FI-02601 Espoo
    • Finland

Product support

  • Product support request form: Support
    • Support is available in English and Finnish


Eopin Oy Technology for Learning

Eopin Oy
for Learning

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